Pre Assignment Trip

This programme is designed for the expatriate to gain an insight into their future place of residence. During this trip, we will familiarize the expatriate and their family with their destination area by touring houses, visiting schools, and looking at the various areas and their points of interest.

After contacting the expatriate to discuss their family’s requirements and expectations, we will tailor a programme to their specific needs.

This programme could include

  • Orientatation tour of Accra, showing the main areas/neighbourhoods
  • Visit to 2 – 3 properties in budget
  • Information on/visit to healthcare facilities
  • Visit to schools if required
  • Information on/visit to nurseries/playgrounds and activities for children
  • Information on organisations and activities for spouses
  • Information on/visit to sports and leisure facilities
  • Information on expatriate associations
  • Information on/visit to shopping malls and markets
  • Information on/visit to furniture and houseware shops
  • Information on tourist and leisure activities outside of Accra
  • Information and tips on the cultural environment