Travelling around Accra

Rental cars are available and usually supplied with a driver. This should help with navigation around the city but it is worth checking that the driver supplied is familiar with the areas of Accra that you are likely to be visiting. Car rentals can be quite an expensive option and you may consider purchasing or importing a vehicle in the long term

Taxis are cheap and readily available. If you want air conditioning and a driver that knows where he is going, you may want to consider paying slightly more for the services of the taxis that you find parked in the major hotels, they are more likely to have air-conditioning. Navigation is generally by landmark and then a phone call to confirm location rather than by street name. So if you are travelling around, carry a mobile phone with credit.


Public Transport

A network of tro-tro's and buses can transport you around Accra and the rest of Ghana very cheaply but they can be dangerous, and although they will stop everywhere, you really need to know where you are going and perhaps feel confident enough to challenge a driver who you feel is driving dangerously. It is a good way to get a feel for the life of the average Ghanaian and perhaps to get a good knowledge of the city but the tro-tros are rarely air conditioned and frequently full. There are also some companies in Ghana that operate good quality and air conditioned buses that travel around Ghana linking major cities. It's a more expensive option than tro-tro's but of course more comfortable and safer.



In Ghana we drive on the right hand side of the road. If you are going to import a vehicle it must be a right hand drive one. The vehicle is not supposed to have tinted windows and occasionally the police will launch a safety campaign and fine drivers with tinted windows.

We can help you to navigate the bureaucracy that comes along with registering the vehicle, ensuring its roadworthiness which has to be tested every six months to a year and securing your local driving licence, that you are required to carry when driving.

From personal experience I would mention that common reasons that you may be stopped by the police for a traffic offence, include speeding, driving through a red light, going straight on from a left turn lane, or having out of date documents either insurance or road worthiness. Just one thing to note, if the police are feeling particularly jobsworthy - it is "illegal" in Ghana to drive in flip flops or a vest. You may be stopped and arrested. Don't do it.