Most expats send their children to private international schools, most of which are located in Accra. Fees and entrance fees are on a par with schools in Europe and North America and places can be limited so if you are considering bringing your family to Accra then check that places are available for your children in the school with the curriculum that you wish your children to follow.

The majority of international schools in Ghana are located in the country's capital, Accra. The standard of teaching is good and facilities are in line with you would expect at an international school in Europe or North America.

International Schools in Ghana

Lincoln Community School (LCS)
Curriculum-American and International Baccalaureate

Ghana International School (GIS)
Curriculum: British

American International School (AIS)
Curriculum: American

British International School (BIS)
Curriculum: British

The French School J Prevert
Curriculum: Standard French

German/Swiss School
Curriculum for the Primary School: British/German
Curriculum for the Secondary School: German/Elements of Swiss

Tema International College
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate