Rental property in Accra in comparison with Western countries is expensive, with for example a 2 bedroom apartment costing upwards of $2,500 per month, depending on where you choose to live. Added to this you may be asked to pay 6 months rent in advance, a service charge of around $300 + a month and a security deposit which can be as much as half a month's rent. You cannot afford to make a mistake. Let us help you decide where you should base yourself and then we can help you get the best property available according to your budget.

We can guide you in the decision of where you are going to live, and in the real estate section you can have a look at our comprehensive guide to the rental market in Accra including photographs of the different types or properties currently available on the market, a useful map of Accra indicating residential areas, and the main schools and a guide to current rents and utilities, staff, and service charges that you should also consider.

Your decision will be informed by a number of factors, including budget, workplace, school, and leisure activities, for example, if you are working in Tema rather than Accra you might consider living in areas such as East Legon with easy access to the motorway.

Traditional expatriate areas are located in the northern and western parts of town including Airport Residential Area, Cantonments, East Legon, Labone, North Ridge, Ringway Estates, and Tesano. Although apartments and houses are being built in other areas such as Airport Hills, and Achimota.

What type of house do you want to live in? A stand alone house, a house (or townhouse) in a compound, or an apartment in a complex. You might like the privacy that you will find living in a stand alone house with a garden, but you need to manage security, a back-up generator and water supply as well as a gardener, a pool cleaning service and security guards A house or townhouse or an apartment in a compound might provide less space and privacy but may come with a shared pool, tennis court or social club and all the security and maintenance taken care of for you.


Electricity is expensive and very necessary with air conditioning a requirement when temperatures can hit over 100 degrees. A generator is a definite must and you should consider this when negotiating with your landlord.

Water can be scarce at times as shortages result in "pipes close" that means that the municipal water supply is switched off and you will rely on your own stored supply. Some areas are worse than others and you should certainly look for water storage or polytanks in your accommodation or a reservoir on the property. Boreholes are a rarity although as the price of tanker water increases more landlords are looking at drilling them on their properties.

Internet/Telephone Lines

Internet is readily available and the quality of service varies according to your location. Different suppliers work more effectively in different areas. If you are planning on working from home or you spend a lot of free time online, it is probably worth checking the quality of service available with your potential neighbours or the service providers. If you do not have a telephone line you will need to visit Vodafone to get one. It can take a while and you may need to be persistent to have it installed promptly.