About Step In Ghana

We are a multi-cultural group with a variety of skills in the relocation and real estate field. Between us we speak English, Spanish, French, Twi and other local Ghanaian languages. We have been operating in Accra for a number of years and our local knowledge and networks are second to none. We are currently expanding our reach to other major cities in Ghana including Takoradi and Kumasi.

We provide tailored solutions designed to offer comprehensive support for the relocating expatriate, We provide daily updates on our progress ensuring total peace of mind for the relocating client. All our services are provided through one contact person and we put a lot of emphasis on supporting the partner and children during the relocation process. We understand the happiness of the whole family moving with the relocating individual is a key factor.

Renting a property is going to be one of the biggest costs that you incur during your move to Ghana.. Don’t make a mistake let us help you find the best place to live for the whole family.

We handle each assignment with complete professionalism, efficiency and integrity. We never forget that at the heart of what we do is an understanding the wants and needs of our clients.